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Brace Camera Selfie


Brace Camera Beauty Selfie is Camera booth with beauty dentist or teeth editor. This is suitable for you who like accessories braces. You can also refer to dental salon. It is a funny dentist which is very good for you to try. This application is great for anyone who wants use the braces fashion with a stunning photo editor. You can try various shapes braces you want. There are many models of braces that you can try. As with brackets can be removed and installed, the application is very desirable braces users who want to always look fashionable and up to date. There are many effects braces that can make you look more beautiful and cute. Because it is a trend with braces, many men and women who wear braces to make it look more beautiful and confident.Features and how to use it :1. Open the application and take photos from the camera or gallery.2. Select the model and type braces you want.3. Zoom in and out braces using two fingers.4. You can delete the brackets are not in accordance with the criteria using delete button.5. Once done, you can save your pictures in the gallery.6. You can also share your pictures to social networks that you have.7. finished editing your photos, and you be more cool to use the braces.Pose that is as attractive as possible so that braces in the teeth look like real. You will be more beautiful, funny, cute and adorable wearing braces you like. Share this application to your friend as well. Thanks.